Who we are

The firm for entrepreneurs.

Not your average CPA Firm

We help you define, and achieve, your success

Tembo was built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Yes, we are a CPA firm. We are proactive in our tax planning. We handle all our clients’ tax compliance matters. We do accounting, bookkeeping, and we help clients understand their financial reporting systems. We do budgeting, financial modeling, and financial analysis. We help clients understand valuation, cash flow, and capital structures. And, we create relationship with our clients.

But what makes Tembo different is the entrepreneurial experience we bring to the table. We know what it’s like to walk in your shoes.


Success Defined

Success is different for every client. We help define what it means to you



We help grow value, by providing value


Innovative Solutions

We focus on delivering the most innovative solutions



We build all our relationships on strong communication

Partners and clients who know us best:

The Tembo Name

Interesting name, right? Here’s where it comes from

Why Tembo?

[Tim-bo] noun,

Origin: Swahili

Translation: Elephant

Big ears, for listening to our clients

High placed eyes to see over the horizon

Padded feet, for treading softly through the difficult situations

Longest memory in nature, for remembering and focusing on our clients’ goals

Tusks, for getting right to the point

Thick skin, for dealing with tough problems

The trunk: nature’s most versatile tool, for innovative solutions

Gentle, soulful personalities for empathizing with your most important matters


We do all the normal CPA stuff…plus much, much more

Do we do tax returns, tax planning, bank reconciliations, QuickBooks work, and all that traditional CPA firm stuff?

For sure. And we do it really well.

But, we do so much more too. Scroll through our portfolio of special, value-added services above.


Decades of experience working with all types of clients

Passionate entrepreneurs

We serve all types of clients, but we are highly focused on success-focused entrepreneurs.

The Tembo team has decades of experience working with clients in all types of industries, from myriad backgrounds, and with significantly different goals. Our mission is to learn what your goals are, then leverage our resources and expertise to help you achieve those goals. Here are some industries and areas where we’ve found success in the past.

Real Estate

Some of our most creative tax minimization strategies have developed in this industry.


Need integration? We bring the accounting and E-Commerce functions together.


Risk mitigation? How about tax mitigation?! We use creative strategies to create value.

Professional Services

Attorneys, engineers, architects, interior designers, even other CPAs! We help them all.


Have investments offshore? A foreign entity with investments in the US? We’ll be your huckleberry.


Capital structure and long-term real estate market planing ensures success for these folks.

Wholesale Trading

Tight margins drives the need for lean Gen & Admin expenses, and financial and operating leverage.

Creative Agencies

We’ve helped these clients make sense of their numbers so their creativity turns into value.

Estate & Trust

Asset protection, family business succession, tax minimized transfers. We know this space intimately.


We have significant experience with affiliate networks and direct selling. Significant!

Financial Services

We bring our arsenal of resources to the table to help these analytical folks find their success.

Anything interesting!

Seriously. We are suckers for anything interesting. It doesn’t really even need to be CPA stuff. Try us.


An entrepreneur committed to entrepreneurs
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Ben Platt, CPA, MBA

Co-Founder. Head Success Coach.

E: [email protected]
T: 904-669-8759


Ben Platt, CPA, MBA has a river of entrepreneurial spirit flowing through him. Ben’s professional mission is to help business owners be successful in achieving their goals. Using his experience working with these clients, he has also participated as a partner or sole owner in many entrepreneurial businesses including banking, direct selling, real estate development, mini-storage, blogging, affiliate marketing, and others. He has found success in creating systems that enable businesses to operate efficiently and provide management with valuable information to make better decisions. Ben, his wife Cleta, and their two children love traveling and are focused on filling passports!


Unlike other CPA firms, we actually communicate. Seriously. Come on, give us a try.


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Let's build some success together!

We love talking to clients. Our passion is in helping you find success in your business and in life. We love learning what it is that you are passionate about, and how you achieve ultimate success. So, give us a call, or drop us a line. We want to hear from you!