Tembo can help you convert data to actionable information

This is the big data age. You have data everywhere. Even our pets have data these days. All that data, though, is meaningless if you can’t take action with it. If you can’t use that data to make a decision, what good is it?

We help you understand your data. Especially accounting, tax, and finance data. But we are pretty darn good at other data too. You know any other CPA firms who know how to do SQL queries, how to integrate e-commerce platforms with custom databases, how to map and import tens of thousands of records into client-specific applications? Didn’t think so. Tembo knows.

Let Tembo help you make sense of your numbers and put your data to work. Together we can turn the big data age into the Age of Leverage.

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  • QuickBooks Online professionals
  • Connect QBO to your other applications
  • Custom integrations

Modeling & Budgeting

  • Financial modeling for startups
  • Financial forecasting for variables
  • Annual budgets and variances
  • Excel gurus

Key Performance Indicators

  • Revenue growth
  • Profitability
  • Contribution Margin
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • We help identify your KPIs

Instant Accounting!

  • SAAS platforms allow for instant access
  • Users anywhere stay updated
  • Enables proactive planning
  • No more surprises!