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What Is Social Business?

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus defines a social business as “a business that is created and designed to address a social problem”.


These cause-driven businesses strive to create real change in the world in areas such as healthcare for the poor, feeding malnourished children, providing safe drinking water and developing renewable energy.


While social businesses do make a profit in order to sustain their platform, the mission behind their organization is to solve a specific social issue.

why tembo cares

Here at Tembo we’re extremely passionate people, not just in our own lives, but especially when it comes to the businesses we support. Just about anyone can turn a profit, but to be profitable while making the world a more positive place to live…


Well that’s something we can seriously get behind!


We take great pride in the businesses we provide value for. It’s important that our values align with those of our clients and we’ve found that social businesses care about what really matters.


Our mission is to build success with these organizations in order to create a sustainable ripple effect that will radiate across the globe.

Social Business Spotlight

100,000+ servings provided by Tembo
17.6 million servings provided overall

Tembo's Impact Program

Our Tembo Team doesn’t just talk the talk: We walk the walk too.

To show our social business partners just how serious we are about supporting their missions we’ve created the Tembo Impact Program.


Any social business that becomes our client will receive our support in a way that directly relates to the purpose of their organization. Does your business help feed impoverished children? For every dollar you spend with Tembo, we’ll contribute that many servings of food to your mission.


The Tembo Impact Program is customizable based on the specific structure of each social business and we are committed to contributing in a way that will optimize the organization’s social goal.

Social Businesses We Support

Our Impact in Action

Are you a social business?

Let’s work together! We’ll help you build success, optimize impact and support your vision.

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