Success is individually defined. It's woven from your individual value threads.

For many years, the team at Tembo have been working with owners of small businesses to help them identify what success means to them. As it turns out, the concept of success is very individual. What success means to one person is not necessarily what it means to another person.

Defining success for business owners can be particularly challenging because it isn’t just the success of the business that is important. Instead, many times, it is how the business helps the owners achieve personal goals that is ultimately important. In these cases the business is the “vehicle” for achieving the personal goals.

Regardless of what your goals are – business or personal – the team at Tembo can help you get clarity on those goals, help you stay focused on what is important, and act as your partner as you execute your plan.

Get focused
Get focused

Your values

It all starts with values. What are your values? Defining this will help provide answers to many other questions that define success.

What keeps you interested?

If you’re like us your business has changed a lot over the years. What occupied lots of time 10 years ago, you barely spend any time on now. At the heart of those changes, though, is the spark that keeps you interested. Identifying that spark is critical to defining success. What’s your spark?

What business are you really in?

For small business owners, this is the first critical step. Identify the business you’re really in. Tembo isn’t a CPA firm. Yes, that’s what we do. But we are really in the business of helping entrepreneurs be successful. What business are you really in?

What is the purpose of this vehicle?

Is your business about supporting your family’s success? Is it about overcoming obstacles? Is it about disrupting an industry that badly needs it? Is it about fanning the flame of a nascent idea? Your business is your vehicle. It is going to take you somewhere. Where do you want to go?